CONQUEST No. I - Max Vickers


"The idea of traveling across the country, exploring new grounds, and living out of a car for a period of time has always been appealing to me. On June 20th of this year I embarked on a trip of a lifetime. The destination was the Pacific Northwest and the plan was to drive across the country to see the sites, meet the locals, camp, hit up events, and skate the biggest hills we could find."

Max_Matt Etheridge copy.jpg

"The first stop of the trip was Grand Rapids, MI right here in the Midwest for the Grand Rapids Urban Downhill event.  There were tons of spectators, lots of stoked groms, and a short but fun course. I ended up making it to the semi-finals in the race. After the event we drove to southern Michigan and set our alarms for 3:30am to drive to West."


"After a long drive across big flat states we made it to Maryhill. We we’re immediately stoked on the scenery. Big dry grassy mountains, wind turbines, huge rivers, and a site of Mt. Hood in the distance. It was a dream to be able to skate the legendary 2.2 miles of curvy black top. It was my first West Coast event and the difference compared to Midwest and East Coast events was evident. The track was long and challenging to do well on. The hill itself was easy to skate but to hold your tuck, stay still, and take the proper lines proved difficult for many riders. The level of skill at this event was also insane. 220 of the best riders from around the world came to skate this hill and everyone knew how to shred. I ended up qualifying in the 96-man bracket for the race but I didn’t move on past the first heat. It was a very cool event to be at and I was stoked to skate the hill with a lot of new homies. After racing ended, we quickly got on the road to head up to Canada."

"We had a quick rest stop at the border so the police could question us and search the car but shortly after we made it to Vancouver. The following day was Canada day, so we started the day by caravanning over to the mountain for some highway bombs. The hill was a 10 minute long 55mph run with some big sweeping hairpins. We got a few fun pack runs in then rolled out. A quick stop at the liquor store then we headed out to cruise the “sea-wall,” a 5+ mile long side walk stroll through Vancouver’s downtown and along the coast of the pacific. Canada day was without a doubt one of the sickest days of the trip."

"The plan originally was to go back to Colorado to skate some mountains for a few days before heading home. But due to the broken arm and hurry to get home to see the doctor we ended up skipping Colorado and rolling through Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and The Badlands instead."

"It was the best trip of my life, can’t wait for the next one. Huge shoutout to the people that made it possible, Concrete Native, Original Skateboards, Rey Trucks, Action Board Shop, Infinity Zero, and my parents." - Max Vickers