"Michigan is one of my favorite places in the Midwest to go for a skate trip. The skate community there is surprisingly one of the biggest in this part of the country and everyone there is a homie.  California transplant, Max Capps, and myself embarked on a weeklong trip to visit Michigan for the annual Rage at the Ridge race and other skate adventures. Here is the result."

"Epic lakes and sand dunes are a key part to the Mitten".

"Lurking on the edge of the world!"

"Some nights were a little hazy."

"The most epic brick oven pizza joint located along the Mississippi. The menu’s were written on record labels and the receipts on pages of books."

"Sandy Hairpins"

"Mini Michigan Maryhill"

"Your car is your home on road trips and no one likes a messy home, repacking is key."

"Midwest Culture"

"Race Day Preparation"

"Playing the Waiting Game"

"Camp Squad V1"

"Camp Squad V2"

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