The Plains Tee

The Plains Tee


Inspired by the midwest, and the wheat fields of the great plains. This workwear style tee harkens back to a simpler time. Plus, we like the way wheat looks. And its a fun word to say. Wheat. Wheeeeat. Anyway, wearing this shirt is about more than just wheat.  This shirt is made from 50% organic cotton, so you can feel good about that. Perhaps even cooler, this shirt is made from 50% recycled water bottles. Pretty neat right?! We think so.  You are gonna wear a shirt anyway right? Why not wear one that is good for old Mother Earth too?

  • Sweatshop free (FLA accredited)
  • 50% Organic ring-spun cotton
  • 50% Post-consumer recycled PET polyester*
  • Concrete Native Wheat logo on front and back
  • Hand printed in the midwest


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*made from recycled plastic water bottles